domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Esto Se "publicó" hace ya dos años:

The blueprint for mass manipulation (that weird stuff Thucydides invented) has been well established throughout time. Human development follows the same basic patterns that you can observe in the petri dish when you put different organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc. to fight for the same piece of Agar.
There are some BIG basic differences between bacteria and humans. But the only one that counts in my book is the ability to communicate in a complex code which itself becomes a matrix of collective conscioussness. Consider individuals as neurons in a big brain. i am a neuron. i'm also sometimes a "moron" in another one's opinion. But that is ok; morons can be neurons and viceversa. i´ve also been called "cute" But i disgress...

You:neurons-morons-cutedudes-friends-dendrites-social-deviants-conspiracytheorists-TA'ists-Buddhists of the market-astrotimers-elliott-pediatricians-chartists of the unknown-chaosmongers-orgasmic-compulsive contributors to the matrix'es'es flow of thought

The Matrix is in a constant purge.

The enema started a long time ago. the process is painfull-delightfull. If you love Shiva then you must also embrace Rudra. if you must break eggs at least consider doing an omelette. if you saw "the fight club" You can go back to Milton: Every paradise lost is the beginning of understanding.

Someone dares to question the fact that the hunger for power can become a murderous genocidal streak?

Depleted Uranium
Depleted Uranium

Abril 30 2005

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