lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Anglo- intercambio en Indexcalls...

All's well that ends well. -Pleiotropik.

"That's about it. The human social world we inhabit has devolved to such an extent, nothing is left other than pure illusion and outright fraud. With all institutions, systems, theories, etc., and all the so-called information they disseminate, almost down to the last individual, having devolved to this point, one can accurately say that the "health of the economy," "vibrancy of business and industry," "orderly functioning of society" and all the rest of such bromides utterly depend upon skillfully executed fakery.

As such it reduces to the sad and truly pathetic situation that, as you say, all's well that fakes well."

Lo cual conecta a un buen reportaje en 60 minutos.  



Lo cual conecta perfecto con el segmento final de "Meaning of Life"

En donde queda demostrado fehacientemente y de manera poética y con gran riqueza visual que ciertas entidades no tienen llenadera.

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